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Adulthood means being hyped when school starts…for your kids!!!

For some people happiness looks like a great night out. For some looks like a great holiday or a nice shopping spree. Yes we are talking about people that do not have kids, of course! For parents true happiness sometimes means getting the kids out of the house and back to school after months of handling them daily- even the greatest parent in the world needs a break from his kids sometimes.

But sometimes those parents are so happy and cool that they immortalize their smile while the kids go to school, some for the first time. The contrast caught into the pictures says it all- the parents are overly excited while the kids are overly sad/embarrassed.

Google Drive

Happy Acres Photography

HNM Photography

Stacy Risenmay

HNM Photography

Keshia Leeann Gardner


Jena Plair (no link of origin found)