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Children and pets, a visual story about tough love and fun times

Plush dog gets all the love while the real one tries to understand why.


When all you want to build is a LEGO coat for your cat.
And all your cat wants is to exact revenge.


Cat princess looks so good her little friend is surprised.


The day kid and pup decided to bake(?) together.
Parents decided to throw both their hands up in despair.

Stroller cat seems past the breaking point, one question in mind. Why?


Small dog found his life purpose, Barbie doll steed.
Little master seems pleased.


Kids painted over this dalmatian. He doesn’t seem aware he became rainbow.

Daughter and cat had a moment together, picture taking parent broke it.

It’s cold outside. Toddler is messing with the cat, she’s not pleased.


And finally, some days are better than others and peace reigns.